Finding Manufacturing Efficiency

Ideal Manufacturing

Imagine the scales of inequality and unknowns are balanced – what would your ideal manufacturing process look like? Exceptionally efficient standardized workflows, reliable supply inputs, automated processes, & zero-waste manufacturing resulting in a perfect Just in Time production with bare-minimum lead times? While most manufacturers are well adept with KATA methodologies and finding ways to optimize workflows they struggle with external unpredictable variables; demand levels, required inventory levels, & supply lead times.

Amongst global raw material shortages and meeting production demand with a limited labor force, creating an efficient and accurate demand planning process is one of the biggest issues manufacturers NEED to solve. This process needs to synchronize production data, historical order patterns, and external influences with an acceptable MAPE for each product SKU. The immediate solution for most is a spreadsheet database which quickly becomes unmanageable.

Wouldn’t your time be better spent analyzing predictions for your most profitable SKU lines, finding new opportunities by understanding the variables that affect their demand, and implementing action items rather than micromanaging spreadsheet inputs?

Re-imagining Demand Forecasting

Flexfab Digital’s Advanced Demand Forecasting platform is the solution to accurate Demand Forecasting on SKU-level basis with minimal management. Synchronize outputs with set safety-stocks to your ERP system to automate inventory replenishment. Our platform compiles each SKU’s data against 14 leading demand forecasting algorithms and selects the best equation for each based on the lowest MAPE. Producing predictions, you can trust.

By streamlining Demand Forecasting you will discover a revolutionary way of understanding your manufacturing business. To ensure your forecasts stay accurate you have access to a group of talented: Supply Chain Analysts​, Data Scientists​, Software Engineers​, Machine Learning Engineers​, and API Integration Engineers, who are consistently analyzing every customer’s metrics and optimizing the platform based on your needs.

Flexfab Digital is changing the game for manufacturers – Discover opportunities and make impacting decisions from your data. Learn how Advanced Demand Forecasting, Automated Replenishment, and CRM integration can streamline your planning processes.

Learn How AI Can Improve Your Demand Forecasting

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