7896 Series - 45° Elbows

7896 Series - 45° Elbows

With a dual-purpose design for coolant and charge air connector systems, these silicone elbows are extreme duty cycle tested for hostile engine environments. They’re constructed with low dilation design to prevent expansion.


  • Extreme Temperature Resistance
  • Extreme Duty Cycle Tested for Hostile Engine Environments
  • Low Dilation Design
  • Prevents Expansion
  • Engineered for Coolant and Charge Air Connector Systems

Temperature Range

-65° F
500° F


  • Silicone hose with 3-plies of meta-aramid reinforcement
  • Stocked in standard lengths


  • Meets or exceeds the operating requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A
  • Meets or exceeds the operating requirements of TMC RP303B Class I Grade II
  • Standard wall thickness is .140”/.190”
  • Working pressure is 1/3 of the burst pressure

Built to Withstand